POF : Do you get responses to unqiue messages?

POF : Do you get responses to unqiue messages?

I’ve just had a browse of my inbox/sent messages to see which conversation starters were successfull and I’ve realised i’ve only ever had replies to my generic, throwaway, copypaste opener that took me about 30 seconds to write and I copy from my sent messages every time I log in. Its kinda deflating knowing that extra effort doesnt count for anything and I think, really? These Women will respond to that crap but not an actually thought out and personal message based on their profile? Is there a word for only getting results by means of minimal effort?

By. km6669

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  1. I used to and never got a response. Theres no point to it anymore IMO. Women and guys will reply to those they find most attractive and go down the line from there.

  2. I typically start with, « Hi, I’m Kurt. How are you doing today /tonight? » Pretty generic, but I’d say I get real responses appropriately 50% of the time.

  3. Once in awhile if something in a girl’s profile really inspires me to write a unique message, it will work and she replies. But then, for all I know, she might have replied even if I had just sent a generic message as well. For all the women’s profiles that say they want you to put more effort into your message than just a « Hey » or « How’s it going »…well, that sure doesn’t seem to make a difference most of the time.

  4. I’ve read in multiple articles that said « copy/paste » messages get more replies than unique personalized messages.

    To me, it doesn’t make sense. But apparently the stats don’t lie.

  5. For the most part it doesn’t matter. I suppose the occasional girl might respond to someone she’s not physically attracted to if they really liked the message, but they’re either attracted or not.

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