POF : Plenty of single moms

POF : Plenty of single moms

That is all

By. Itiswrittenkjv1611

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  1. Not even *single* moms…I’ve met several who were *still married*…which was also not initially disclosed, just like the kids.

  2. I have no kids yet, but I am going to be brutally honest with you. In my years of dating you really have to understand where single moms and dads are coming from. Not all of them are out for a free meal or out to have someone be a mother or father to their kid or kids. Most of them want love just like the rest of us, and they want to be loved just as much as their kid loves them. Sometimes people don’t mention their kids on a dating profile as they don’t want their kid out there for all the world to see and they want to make sure whoever they talk to is good enough to where they can comfortably mention they have a kid or kids. I have dated guys with kids no issue. The first guy we met the same day we started talking and I didn’t know he had a kid until middle of the date and I was totally ok with that, he explained to me why he didn’t put it in his profile mainly because he didn’t want his kid publicly out there like that, and how it was wicked hard for him to get dates with girls because most of the one’s he messaged admitting he had a kid would not want to meet up with him. Another guy I dated had his kid in practically every picture and was proud to say this is my kid and I love him a lot, and you have to love him too in order to get with me which I totally understand. None of them were looking for mothers for their kids at all. Heck I am a product of a single parent and my dad only dated 2 people after my mom. I never met the first girl but he is now married to the second girl and is happy and I really like her. She never once tried to be my mother she just tried to be my best friend.


    So in reality while some people are looking for someone to parent their kid, or they want that free meal, not all of them are like that. You have the right to not want to date someone who already has a kid or kids, but sometimes people like that may shock you and end up being the best thing that happened in your life. At first I was not sure if I could date someone with kids and then I met a great guy who had one, and although it did not work out after about 6 months we are still friendly with each other. The only thing that bothers me though is guys who have had their kid around multiple girls they have dated. I knew someone who had been in 3 or 4 relationships after their marriage ended and they had their kid around each of those girls way too soon. I just feel like if you bring your kid around every single person you are dating, when you eventually do find the one your kid may not want to open up to them for fear they are just going to leave again. Just my opinion

  3. True. And I don’t know how it works by age group. But If ya can find one that stays in decent shape, they’re busy with work and doing the majority of parenting that they have only a couple of options. One is to find someone to Netflix and chill with. The other is to hop into a relationship with the first guy that’s not awful


    It basically would depend on what you’re looking for. If you want to date for a bit of time. And that makes a lot of sense. But they usually don’t have that kinda time. It’ll work if ya want something casual on the reg. Or if ya want to be serious with someone after maybe a month

  4. I almost once went out on a date with a girl after we were talking for about two weeks that minutes before I left for the date ‘forgot’ to tell me she had 4 kids. No mention of kids in her profile or anything. ):

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