POF : Does anyone else go through this than just me?

POF : Does anyone else go through this than just me?

I am autistic and akward social. Ive had problems making friends for my whole life and its hard to get people to stay and be my friend because I am very weird and unique. I deal with strict slave parents all my life and its making me very frustrated that i dont have any time to try to make friends at all. Im 20 years old and i am from Kentucky but moved to michigan because my stepmom is from here and wanted to move back. So my efforts to make friends pretty much diminished because i moved. I have some friends back in ky that still accept me for who i am but now since i moved states now i got no one. I thought I could make friends here but so far its been going terribly because of all the shitty judgemental toxic people who dont have empathy for people who have trouble socializing. We have feelings too. I dont want to turn into a bully i really dont. But i feel like this constant shunning and parents being parents and not understanding is getting to me and making me a pist off lonely loser. No i cant move out i dont have my full licence yet and i dont have a stable enough bank accout yet. No i dont want a therapist because all i want is to make friends who understand me. Please understand im not the only one who goes though this a ton of other people go through this too. Please be considerate. I just want some friends i can hang out on a daily basis that wont judge me. Please i dont want to be a bully to anyone. Im tired of having to vent on here and getting bitched at for trying to help myself. I dont want an argument i want a friendship. If anyone else is going through this you may respond too. For people who do care and want to try to hang out with me and support me send me a dm.

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  1. I sympathize but why are you posting this here? This is a sub dedicated on a specific dating app. You’d be better off posting in an r/4/r sub and trying to meet someone there.

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