Dating : I played myself…

Dating : I played myself…

I (21M from Zimbabwe) had been talking to this girl on and off for a year. It did not register that i liked her until i met her for a date. She was stunning and had a warm personality. I introduced her to my guy friends on the first day since they were in town playing fifa, that wasn’t my wisest decision. Our date went really well. I told her i liked her and she said she had someone else already. I was confused because she had someone yet she went on a fresh date with me. That by itself was supposed to be a major red flag. Now instead of withdrawing i told her i did not mind, she said we would try it out. We met for a second date which was amazing and we had our first kiss. Now as a normal functioning guy i wanted a third date but she kept insisting that she was busy. Then yesterday i received a text from her saying « let’s jst end wat we hve »…i mean it would have been better if she told me in person or sent a voice notes or even used our native language but noooooo she decided to send me a text at 1am. I know I’m the only one to blame for this but it pisses me off how you can go on a fresh date with someone when you still have a boyfriend.

What do you think?


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  1. She was fresh before meeting u up.

    Ps: tbh i get her. One of the rarest times when theres no chance to go for men’s solidarity..

  2. She wanted to meet as friend and get free food and attention. You pushed for a second date and failed. You swing and missed. It was very low success rate from the beginning anyway. Some girls do this when they are having relationship issues or on a « break » or dating multiple people.

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