POF : Does anyone even read the « About » section? Is this site just dead? My popularity meter is at the lowest setting

POF : Does anyone even read the « About » section? Is this site just dead? My popularity meter is at the lowest setting

No one is even bringing up my about me section. I only want overweight men with mental issues. This subreddit is dead and there are barely any guys in my area. The POF site itself is very glitchy and archaic. I feel like I might just delete my account because I can’t even filter matches by distance, it only allows me to choose between « Any » and « 75 miles », and I have men from other states messaging me. I don’t want a long distance relationship. Not even Tinder was this bad, but I can never go back on Tinder ever again. Long story but please don’t ask. What other dating apps can I try? Not bumble either because everyone on Bumble is also on Tinder. Consider me banned from Tinder.

By. [deleted]

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  1. When I was on POF I always read it and I also expected guys to read mine. To me getting a message from a guy that included something in the message he got off my about me section showed that he was honestly trying.


    However I actually had a guy who refused to look at my profile once

  2. If it makes you feel any better. My area is dead for girls. All I have are bots and the girls I’ve tried to talk to don’t even consider me for a date let alone some sort of conversation. They just kill any subject I want to talk to get to know them.

  3. There’s a popularity rating?

    I read the profile before looking at the photos (I want to know who the person actually so i am not being biased by their looks). Guys have certainly read my about me to, I have plenty of messages referring to something out of my about me.

    I need to ask as I am curious, that’s a specific criteria, can I ask why that’s what you are looking for?

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