Dating : Heather I am so sorry for your loss.

h2>Dating : Heather I am so sorry for your loss.


Heather I am so sorry for your loss. I suffered the same loss 12 years ago. I said the same thing as you are syaing here. People would reply with platitudes and grand statments that I’m wrong. I never understood how people couldlnt’ see how hurtful thisisit made me feel better by saying

“oh you’ll find someone”

Or they would comment with a never ending barrage of insensitive grief chatter to fill in the thickness of sad that filled the rooms when I was in them.

“He’s in a better place” *(I’m an atheist)

“you’re young and pretty, you’ll meet somebody else”

“God needed him more”

“Have a nice day”

I think yours is a perfectly reasonable and wise plan. And it might be wise and reasonable to change your mind or you might not ever. The only thing you have to do is breath.

I got married again to a man who ended up being a full fledged psychopath and he who used my grief to get on the inside. I was so vulnerable. I regret bringing this man into our lives every day.

I also just started dating. It’s bee fun but but I really wanted to be single and raise my daughter in peace. People will try and do that to you because they have a problem seeing you single. You’re on a roller coaster right now and you have a son to raise. I sending you a big hug and sitting with you quietly in your grief. I am so sorry for your loss .


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