POF : Done w/ POF (men only want to text) & Give me Dating Advice

POF : Done w/ POF (men only want to text) & Give me Dating Advice

My POF Story:
My friend joined pof and got a date after she’s been on there for a week. Since we’re both single, she set up an account for me to try my luck. I had fun with it at first because there a large variety of people on the site. However, after a while it became too much. I had gotten over 200 messages in 3 days of signing up. I decided to start looking for guys I like and I found one that actually replied to my messages.

This guy compliments me, we’re trying to get to know each other etc. I ask him if was bothered if I was asking too many questions because he would log on, reply and then be offline. Then he told me he doesn’t stay online but he gave me his number so we can text.

Texting he tells me more about himself and what he’s looking for. I tell him I’m building my career and establishing relationships. He Leaves me on read. I give him 2 days they I text him hey. He asks me about my day and what I’m doing. Then I pretty much respond to his question and tell him to FaceTime me. He has not replied since.
Should I: 1) ignore him 2) call him out & be done OR 3) text him to reinitiate the conversation?

Honestly, meeting people in person is better. The only benefit of having a dating app is to get compliments. Most of the men esp on pof just want to spend time texting instead of calling or planning a meet up. My goal was to go out and socialize with new men that I could potentially date. I’m most likely going to delete the app.

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  1. It’s very common to have multiple conversations going on at the same time. He’s likely gotten busy with a different convo. I would straight up ask him to grab a drink, or move on.

  2. Since you’re a newbie with online dating, you should realize that the best approach is to not have any expectation. Both women and men here are capable of being pretty fickle. They can seem interested one day, then disappear the next. If you feel you are spending too much time texting with someone, I suggest you initiate setting up a date within a week after messaging. If they are interested in meeting, they will make time, and if they’re not, they wont, and you can move on.

  3. I prefer to meet a guy in person. I used to be one who liked to talk on the site for awhile before meeting but then I met a guy who wanted to meet up right away and see if we had any kind of a connection. We met at a sports bar and had drinks and apps and a great time. Now when I start talking to guys I prefer to chat for a few days and meet up to see if we have any interest.


    Lately most guys want a pen pal, most guys I encounter anyways

  4. Guy here, I would just be happy with getting any messages that are not bots! If he isn’t interested in meeting up or anything you are probably better off looking for someone else though. I don’t know when the right time to ask would be, but if you are clear about it you should get your answer quickly.

  5. I feel more comfortable talking via text or phone for a little bit before we meet in person. That way you are « semi » comfortable when you meet someone. I’ve never been one for a expensive first date. I’ve always felt the first meeting should be someplace casual and cheap. Then there are really no  » expectations » I like meeting at Noodles & Company or Starbucks to get the first meeting out of the way. I don’t expect a guy to go all out. I just feel bad about putting out a lot of money for something that may not work. That’s just me.

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