POF : Dunno if she is interested in me or not.

POF : Dunno if she is interested in me or not.

So I am having a conversation with this gorgeous girl, right there is already a stretch for me, and this is our conversation so far, do you think she is genuinely interested in me or is she just playing? I really like her but I hate keep getting burnt on here

By. Jedite1000

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  1. The fact she would not tell you her name is a big red flag to me. Sounds to me like she just likes chatting with you and is not at all interested in meeting you in person. When I used POF I said not into pen pals. This girl sounds like she wants a pen pal.

  2. I find it strange she won’t give you her name too. It’s not like you want her FULL name. What’s so hard about saying « I’m Jessica » or whatever?

  3. Yes, that would raise a red flag that she doesn’t want to give a name. If she’s put photos of herself in a public forum, why not give her name?

    It looks like she’s just politely responding to you and not trying to further develop the conversation. You’re the one carrying on the conversation. I’ve had quite a few men do that to me. I’m always the one asking the question in my message and the guy would just respond. Then it’s up to me to ask another question or else the conversation ends.

    Try not asking a question and see what happens. I bet she never messages. If she does, then she’s interested in continued conversation. But if she doesn’t, I would move on. It’s not worth your time. I’ve learnt to do that. I don’t want to force someone to continue to message me if they don’t want to.

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