POF : Why ask to meet up after sending first message is wrong.

POF : Why ask to meet up after sending first message is wrong.

Honestly, I am getting tired of dudes asking me to meet them up after they send their first message or along with their first message. Like for real dude, I don’t know you that well yet. Sorry I am cautious but stop creepin’. It’s totally creepy, creep!

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  1. I can understand why you think that is creepy. On the other hand, my experiance as a guy has been mostly women who i think have no intention of meeting ever. They just want some online wierd pen pal thing. They will even message daily asking about how my day was, etc.

  2. I always practice safety when going an OLD dates and guys constantly give me the “I’m not a weirdo why don’t you trust me and let’s go back to your house and cuddle” lines. What do you think a weirdo creepy guy would say on the first date? If a guy doesn’t respect my boundaries and the rules I follow for my children’s and my own safety it’s a huge turn off.

  3. There’s a middle ground. I don’t the first day or maybe even the second, but you inevitably run out of things to talk about fast.

    There’s also many women that just want a pen pal. That’s definitely a thing. You just get strung along and time gets wasted.

    As mentioned, there’s a middle ground.

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