POF : Explosion of fake profiles

POF : Explosion of fake profiles

What’s been going on with all.the fake profiles lately? Literally hundreds are being created in my area per hour. Something really needs to be done to prevent this…

By. Scynthe

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  1. Yea the shutdown of CL is causing them to bleed over to free dating sites. I would say that over 90% are fake spam ads now. The few women that replied are not worth it. Better to get out and meet women in real life now.

  2. I am convinced that they create them to sell their subscription service the meet me feature is literally the worst.. I get all these emails and none of the profiles exist after i receive them

  3. POF could easily resolve this, but they choose not to. I work in the IT/IS field (computers) and the resolution to this problem is simple. All that POF needs to do is block the IP addresses of the offenders. It’s that easy, but POF refuses to do it because if they allow this…their stats will show X-amount of new users daily, so their shareholders think that POF has a growing business. As soon as people actually get sick and tired of this BS and stop using the website, then POF is going to be in for a big surprise when their advertisers don’t want anything to do with POF anymore. Then the shareholders are going to bail faster than greased lightning.

  4. If there was a quick way to report, like a single button, it would help with the issue.

    I’d also like some automation with the reporting. Like if a profile is reported 5 times as being a fake, it’s deleted right away. Just keep deleting fake profiles faster than they can be made.

  5. I don’t see that many honestly. Maybe one or two a day? It’s annoying, but not unbearably so.

    Maybe I don’t see so many because I’m older?

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