POF : Fake POF Profiles

POF : Fake POF Profiles

POF is allowing creation of Fake Profiles just to swell their Membership Numbers. They have ZERO % authentication and these fake profiles can be avoided with the addition of 1 piece of extra criteria such as a Captcha or Email verification. Don’t allow anyone to post until they authenticate. All they care about is that their advertisers see Phantom Subscribers on any given day. It’s all Smoke and Mirrors!!

By. Gustav2391

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  1. I noticed a gal who I thought I’d contact and she never returned the contact.

    Then found her again with different pictures, different screen name, different hobbies, different personal description, etc.

    She must be gaming lots of folks.

  2. It used to to be harder to sign up in the past they made it easier for bots so they can keep it alive without bots and scammers POF will be dead.. in my area there is 30-50 profile alive + 50 scammer bots

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