POF : First date – Coffee? Drink? Meal?

POF : First date – Coffee? Drink? Meal?

What do you prefer for a first date? I’m not a fan of meals as it can be expensive and you might not even like the person.

By. Citko76

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  1. First meet, something like coffee. First date then it’s do something look dinner, or something fun with quick food. I did a meet at a coffee shop, then a week later we actually did dinner and bowling.

  2. I’ve had good results with coffee first and a good restaurant nearby later. Of course, there is the risk of popping up by a restaurant where you have to book first.

  3. I prefer a movie date, you can meet in the lobby, and if the date doesn’t go well, hey, I like going to the movies. And to anyone that says, you can’t get to know someone during a movie, I say this, it is a first date, first meeting and I can 100% tell you that actually meeting, any meeting will tell you more than messaging ever will. I can tell really quick if there is going to be a second date. I messaged with a teacher for almost 2 months, she would send me sexy pics, anyway, we finally meet, go to the movies, she is constantly checking her phone the whole night, movies over, she has to go pronto. Lame goodnight kiss, never heard from her again. She said that she kept messaging her daughter, I suspect she was messaging another guy who she probably had already been dating due to the fact, her profile on POF wasn’t up much longer after our date. That is an unfortunate part of any dating, sometimes you end up being the backup plan. That is exactly why, I won’t waste my time or someone else’s time messaging a lot before meeting. If the person is interested in going out it usually is a good sign that they don’t have a string of people they are playing the field with and it is more likely that you may get a quality date and at the least maybe make a friend.

  4. First meet, coffee. If the chemistry isn’t right, you’re out the price of one coffee. If you get an opportunity for a date later, you can up it to a meal.


    One time I met this lady, I asked her if she’d like to meet for coffee or tea somewhere, and she said she’d rather meet for lunch and suggested a place. I said « deal », and we worked it out to « going Dutch ».

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