POF : Found my ex on POF

POF : Found my ex on POF

I’m about 7 years older than her. I read profiles first and I was really liking what I was reading so I looked again and it was her (her main pic was a full body and from a distance so I didn’t recognize her at first).

Here’s the problem. In her profile she talks about the younger guy she’s been seeing for the last 3 years and how she had to finally break it off for whatever reason. However, we only split up a year ago. I’m no math whiz but something seems off…

Even though it’s over it still felt like a kick in the gut. I had no clue.

By. y0ud0ntkn0wm3

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  1. That really fucking sucks. But the best revenge is to live a happy filled life so block her and find someone who is worthy of you!

  2. Move on, you’re 7 years older then her, obviously she wants to make herself sound better for her benefit. Some women don’t count certain relationships.

  3. Hey, I just found the woman who texted me after I left her house on Thursday morning and said we were done because her daughters asked her not to break their heart again. They already loved me and didn’t want me to ever go so out I went. I’m actually ok with that part. She said she just couldn’t date until her youngest was out of HS. That was in December.

    In her profile she clearly says she is looking long term but is very willing to play the field until she finds that one. Basically willing to whore around until she finds someone she matches with. Just be happy you dodged the bullet.

  4. I found my ex on POF while we were still together. Confronted him about it and he straight up lied to my face saying it wasn’t him, when it had some pretty recent photos of him, that you would only see if you had him as a friend on FB. I know how you feel

  5. Maybe add to your profile that you despise cheaters, especially your ex who wasn’t so good at covering her tracks. Maybe she will stumble across your profile and see it. I know saying you hate cheating is obvious but would be a great way to get the message across to her that you know.

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