POF : Had to say “No thanks”. She believed in astrology.

POF : Had to say “No thanks”. She believed in astrology.

Ugh. Very attractive woman. Simple enough profile. Thought I’d say “Hi”. So I complemented her on her username. Just two sentences (there’s really no need for more, IMO— if they like what they see, they’ll reply. If they’re not attracted to you, doesn’t matter what you write). I just said, “Nice username. Hi. I’m so and so”.

Anyway, she responds right away. Tells me “Nice zodiac sign. I’m Tina.”

I then explain that I purposely put down the wrong date when I signed up for privacy purposes. Right Year, wrong day. I then tell her my real sign. Btw, I think astrology is a huge crock of you know what.

She comes right back with, “I don’t usually get along with *that* sign. True. Lol!”

Ugh. Really? I’m an older guy. She’s an older gal. Really pretty. But…. ugh.

I flat out told her I didn’t see a future with this if she really believed in that stuff.

She never responded back.

Oh well. I just couldn’t see myself paired up with someone like that. No matter how cute they are. I’m too old for games like that.

By. BrainbellJangler

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  1. I have to agree with you on that. I once met an attractive girl on tinder, and when we met in person, that’s when I realized she was a bit of a hippie; very spiritual and very much into astrology. It’s ok to be somewhat into it, but when girls are way too much into it, I start to kinda find them crazy.

    EDIT: now I avoid these type of girls.

  2. in my opinion, horoscopes are pretty dang accurate…ive read up on some for me, my kids and my ex husband….and its almost spot on. depends where you look, its just really interesting to know somewhere people are almost doing the same thing/think the same way..


    I wouldn’t base everything off of them of course, but its a fun read every once in a while. that shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you haha. who cares if she’s into that crap? I dunno its not a horrible thing in my eyes.

  3. I am with the guy here. If someone is too much in to that it’s pretty much a red flag for me too..
    You aren’t seeing the guys point here. She could have said no to him if he would have been the wrong star sign and she would have dismissed the possibility of anything just coz of « astrology »
    He saw this red flag and acted accordingly.

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