POF : Has anybody else successfully found somebody on POF?

POF : Has anybody else successfully found somebody on POF?

Has anybody else successfully found somebody on POF?

By. likeneonlights96

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  1. I actually had a 2yr relationship with a guy off pof a long time ago it worked for me. I also had a couple of short terms off there. I met a lot of great guys

  2. It is a complete dumpster fire. I’ve been threatened repeatedly, stalked twice and I’m unicorn hunted on a regular basis.

  3. I think it totally depends on the area and your age. I met my now husband on POF after trying, Zoosk and several others. In my area (small town in East Texas) , was mainly people from Dallas which is 2 hours away. Tinder was all younger people, Zoosk was only guys wanting sex and very trashy guys.

    My advice is to try them all out for a little bit. You will find out real quick which one is right for you. Definitely don’t go in expecting to find the one right off. I had fun reading the messages and profiles/ people are crazy!! Good luck!

  4. I found my husband on POF. We met in person after talking almost nonstop for 2 days, saw each other almost every day after our 1st initial meeting and got married after 6 months and we’ve been living happily ever since. 2+ years and counting.

  5. I did but POF deleted my account for no reason so I am mainly on OKC. That has happened to several posters here. PS POF stands for Plenty Of Flakes for many. Just be real.

  6. Yes. Together five years this autumn. I was told POF was « full of weirdos » by friends, but my partner’s as cool AF.

    So… that must mean I’m the weirdo.

  7. Couple one night stands and couple meetups, but the pof now is bot infested full of scammers and escorts. With dating local area best option. Social interaction online days are numbered thanks trolls

  8. I’m getting married in 2 months. We met on POF and have been together almost 4 years. There were manyyyyy lame dates and weirdos before we found each other, but there are some good ones out there.

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