POF : PSA ladies get fake bots too!

POF : PSA ladies get fake bots too!

Got 2 fake bots in 2 days from guys claiming to be in the military. You can tell they are not in the military and that they are not who they say they are. Their English is broken and robot like, and it doesn’t match at all,

So guys you are not the only one’s that get fake profiles

By. rsoxgal36

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  1. That’s actually more of a military scam than a bot. They want to get you to send them money, usually in large amounts or cash a high amount check, claiming they can’t do it because they are in another country,etc. It is the same scam run on CraigsList from years ago. The broken English is because the ppl who run the scam are in foreign countries. Sometimes India and places like that. Buyers on CL would claim to be in the military, send you a check for more than your asking price so you can pay their « shippers » and take your money from there…omg the stories online are crazy!

    Bots usually just try to lure men off the site to a paid camgirl, or porn site. Getting them to enter their CC info for a chance to « date » them in real life.

  2. They always call you “Dear”. That’s a giveaway. They are talking to so many people at one time it’s safe to not use names. They are always a widower. They can write a long sentence in a split second due to cut and paste. They’re easy to spot if you know what to look for. I play along with them to waste their time.

  3. Yeah, I wondered. I finally got a response from a real woman. We chatted for a bit Friday night, so I hope to hear back from her.

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