POF : Has anyone actually had any luck on this app/site?

POF : Has anyone actually had any luck on this app/site?

I been using this website for about six months, only had one first date which she said she didn’t see us working out. Other than that I get either ignored completely or the chat fizzles after a few days. I only had a few girls where I actually had decent chats with and then nothing. What I mean by nothing is a week goes by and I don’t hear from them, after a few days I will send them a message and if I don’t hear from them I just delete them from my list. The sad thing is that the only girls to actually message me first are the blatant scammers. So has anyone actually had luck on this website? Because clearly I don’t see how anyone can have any luck on here

By. joestarrunner

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  1. Bots getting terrible. Get rid ceo of of pof and fix the app up maybe go with ssl encyption or something more secure network to cut out the bots and spam make it secure 5 bucks a month.

  2. Basically my ratio is for every 1 girl I have an actual conversation with 20 want to sell me their premium snapchat 100 send links and are bots. I’ve had much better success with bumble. Give it a try op.

  3. I’m currently engaged to the man I met on POF over two years ago! I know it is tough and I have definitely heard that there are way more bots nowadays (which is so so shitty in itself). But don’t lose hope. Maybe just keep your expectations low because there are a lot of people on it for nothing serious or they are just bots. I wish you luck though 🙂

  4. Plenty, been on POF for years and met several ex’s on there. An entertaining profile goes a long way in my case. Results may vary with looks and location.

  5. I meet my absolutely amazing man of 2 years on POF. If it wasn’t for POF we would have never meet. He is a leave me in my corner alone person, I am the stand in the center of the room laughing person. We are now 2 years in and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I really do owe it to POF to help me find my love.

  6. I actually disagree… there is heaps of crap on the site and it’s ratio of maybe 5 messages to every 1 message back. but I have had luck and swapped numbers with 5 girls and met 2 and both were awesome and still seeing one of them. And I’m am just a average guy who doesn’t have any pics on profile and only shares in messages.

    Here are some tips.
    1. Get in quick, make her laugh, and within 15 mins ask about swapping numbers. She will hate the site as much as you do I guarantee it and if she isn’t comfortable swap Kik.
    2. If she says she will come back and chat next time, your out. Not because she doesn’t actually want to chat again, she will not find you deep in all the messages she will receive.
    3. You have to be witty and creative in your first message. If she likes it she will reply.
    4. Be your self.

  7. I’ve « had luck » but, its on and off and far between. A way of saying it is:  » its a numbers game », meaning:

    The first bit is: reading profiles carefully to see who you will attempt to message. Figure out the overlap of who is « in your league » and who you would be interested in. Read their profiles to find anything you could start a conversation on, and, try to vet out any « deal breaking » ideology or situational differences.

    for everyone you message, only half or less will even bother to reply at all,

    of that remaining half: only half of those or less will sustain a conversation,

    of that remaining half: only half of those or less agree to a date,

    of that remaining half: only half of those or less will discuss actual plans for a date,

    of that remaining half: only half of those or less will keep those plans

    of that remaining half: not all those dates are guaranteed to be pleasant.

    out of the pleasant dates: not all of those are guaranteed to lead to physical romance and/or a second date.

    out of the follow up dates: there is still no certainty that this person is a good partner for you and/or if a steady relationship can come out of it.

    Its a lot of time, and, rejection. Even if you have the patience and the thick skin to endure the « system » it still has the rub incidental objectification. If most people you try to communicate with are not going to give responses and even more are not going to give the precise response your hoping for: your going to cop some level of dehumanization to protect yourself emotionally whether if that is « who you want to be » or not.

  8. I’m the odd man out. Been going out with my gf now for 10 months!

    It took me years of dating though on pof, and several other sites, to find her.

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