Dating : Battle for Kaus Borealis

h2>Dating : Battle for Kaus Borealis

Aldebaron home to an empire that spans nine solar systems. A human species that has trading with alien species. Most of the colonies are building freighters to haul millions of tons of precious metals and products between the solar systems.

About four hundred years ago, the Aldebaron home world of Nicabo developed a singularity drive. This allowed them to traverse the distances between solar systems and opened the galaxy up for trade and colonization. Trading their singularity drive technology with other species allowed species to expand beyond their own solar system and begin setting up colonies.

Ruled by an empress and her family the Aldebaron solar system has been at peace for two hundred years. The empress controls a large fleet of interstellar space craft that ensures the peace of the empire

The solar system Rachbah is home to the Pira Confederacy. with five major space stations in their solar system it is well protected from any adversaries. In orbit around four of the planets are huge interstellar space ship building stations. Mining facilities are on all eleven planets in the solar system; as well as, many of the moons. With the singularity drive as the main propulsion system, they have expanded their confederacy to thirteen solar systems. The Pira confederacy is constantly at war taking over solar systems and destroying their enemies.

Admiral today is a great day in the confederacy. We will launch a strike against the Kaus Borealis solar system and gain a huge advantage over our enemies. Governor Borak the first battle ship is ready to launch. I’ll keep you apprised of our efforts to take the solar system.

Captain Refean the Gotgan ship is cleared to leave space-dock and begin the assault on the Kaus Borealis solar system. Thankyou Admiral. Commander Jordin release docking clamps and support lines. Thrusters ahead one-eigth power. Mam we cleared the space port. Excellent full thrust. Navigation plot a course to the Kaus Borealis system, Aye mam. Begin the power build-up for the singularity drive. Were exiting the solar system Captain. Great engage the singularity drive ensign. Singularity formed captain. Take us in ensign Laret Ensign Core time to Kaus Borealis. One and one-half hours mam. Captain were approaching Kaus Borealis. Very well ensign Laret. Commander ready two hydrogen torpedoes. Fire one at the main space station, and the second at the colony on the planet. Exiting the singularity captain. Torpedoes away.

Lieutenant Hurugu thiers a large interstellar ship that is approaching the Kaus Borealis solar system. Ensign Boro, give me a complete scan of their vessel. Aye Lieutenant. Ensign Thomar, alert the colony of the approaching vessel, and maintain an open transmission of the encounter. Borol colony, this is space station kiris, we have a large interstellar craft approaching, and Were keeping an open transmission to you. Sir, the ship is exiting the singularity two hundred thousand kilometers out, and there is no record of this type of ship in our records. The ship is three thousand meters long, they have three guns forward and aft, and torpedo launchers both forward and aft. Ensign Boro Bring our defensive grid online. Ensign Thomar, send out a friendly greeting on all frequencies. Lieutenant Hurugu, the colony is launching fighters, they’ll be here in 3 minutes. Lieutenant, the ship has launched two torpedoes. Ensign Boro fire all laser cannons at those torpedoes and launch missiles at that ship. Aye sir, missals away. A large explosion rocks the space station throwing its crew to the deck. Lieutenant, that was a hydrogen weapon approximately twenty mega tons. Thank god we got it before it hit us. The second torpedo got by us and is headed straight for the colony. Ensign Thomar, alert the fighters to intercept that torpedo, Aye Lieutenant. Lieutenant, three of our missiles were intercepted by the ships defensive systems, and two scored hits. Ensign Boro, did we damage them, yes sir two of the nuclear weapons damaged their shielding. A huge explosion rock the space station. Ensign Boro report, sir our fighters intercepted the second hydrogen weapon. Two fighters destroyed by the weapons detonation. The ship is moving off at high velocity.

Lieutenant Hurugu, this is Colony Governor thamus I’m alerting the home world in the Aldebaran system, and requesting assistance. Understood governor, well hold them off; if we can.

Captain Shaniza, the colony in the Kaus Borealis system is under attack by an unidentified interstellar ship. The enemy ship launched two hydrogen-based weapons, the explosions were estimated at twenty megatons each. The first scans of the ship revealed three cannons forward and aft, and torpedo launchers. The ship its self is about three thousand meters long. The ship uses singularity drive. Captain, your orders are to proceed to the Kaus Borealis system and protect the colony. How long until the Starfire can leave space dock. The last of the resupply was completed this morning, well recall the crew and head out at once.

Lieutenant Debran, recall all crew members, and begin preparations to leave space dock, Aye mam. Engineering begin power buildup to create a singularity and set the destination as Kaus Borealis system. Mam, the last of the crew is arriving on the shuttle. Very well ensign, switch to internal life support, release the life support umbilical, and release the docking clamps. Umbilical cord, and docking clamps released Captain were free to navigate. Take us out at one eighth thrusters. We’ve cleared the space dock Captain, very well ensign take us to full thrust, aye Captain.

Captain we have left the solar system, and the singularity drive is fully charged. Very well all hands secure for singularity drive. Ensign Cades open a singularity and set the exit point on the side of the sun opposite the planets. Lieutenant Debran switch the view screen to Tactical view, Aye Captain. The singularity is formed captain, take us in ensign. Ensign Huru how long until we arrive. Three hours to the Kaus Borealis system mam

Ensign Huru, broadcast the mission briefing through-out the ship, Aye mam. Seven hours ago, an alien interstellar craft three thousand feet long, with three cannons and torpedo launchers forward and aft, launched two twenty mega-ton hydrogen weapons at our colony and space station in the Kaus Borealis system. Our mission is to intercept and destroy the alien vessel. The military commander believes they damaged the alien vessel with two ten mega-ton nuclear missiles. The alien vessel moved away from the solar system near an asteroid field. Well maintain communication silence until we exit the singularity

Captain, were approaching our exit point, thank you ensign Huru, all hands to battle stations. A singularity exits point forms in the Kaus Borealis system, and the Starfire Battle ship emerges. Lieutenant Fures scan for the alien vessel. Ensign Huru contact planetary defenses and send constant reports on our status. Mam, the enemy vessel is 523,000 kilometers beyond then tenth planet near an asteroid belt. Ensign Huru, set an intercept course, and increase to maximum thrust. Aye mam, two hours to intercept. Captain, the Borol colony reports the enemy ship is within range of the space fighters, and the Kris space station is standing by to support our attack.

Mam, a singularity is forming 500,000 kilometers beyond the tenth planet, and another alien ship is emerging. Ensign Huru, scan the second alien vessel. Aye mam, the alien vessel has four cannons and two torpedo launchers forward and aft, and heavy shielding.

Gotgan, this is Captain Heit of the space ship Horan, report your damage. Captain Heit, this is Captain Refean we took minor damage in the first exchange, mostly circuit overloads, and our repairs are complete. The Kaus Borealis system has one heavily armed space station with planetary based space fighters. I believe we can easily take the system with two interstellar space ships. Gotgan, prepare to attack. All hands launch drone fighters, Gotgan, lets concentrate our fire power on the space station first, and well take the colony afterward. Target the space station with plasma cannons, and conventional torpedoes, fire.

The space station rocks violently with the force of the explosions against the shields, throwing the crew to the deck. Ensign Boro fire Pulse laser cannons, and missels. Mam, the colony fighters will be here in three minutes, and the battle ship Starfire is closing on our position. Starfire were under attack. Lieutenant Hurugu, were launching drone fighters, firing long range nuclear missiles. Planetary space fighters and drone fighters are engaging the enemy ships.

Captain Shaniza the nukes were detonated ten kilometers in front of the enemy vessels, that had to damage their shields. Maintain firing rate on conventional missiles and pulse laser cannons.

Captain Refean another battleship came from behind the sun at light speed. The incoming nukes were detonated before impact mam. Ensign scan that new ship I want to know what it’s capable of. Captain our scan reveals cannons and missile launchers both forward and aft. Mam drone fighters are inbound from that ship. Ensign fire a hydrogen torpedo at that ship. Aye mam hydrogen torpedo away.

Lieutenant Hugru, the Starfire has joined the battle, space fighters and drones are engaging both battle ships. Ensign launch a nuclear missile at each battle ship. Aye mam, missiles away, maintain laser pulse cannon fire, and continue to launch conventional missiles and both ships.

A hydrogen torpedo detonates five kilometers in front of the Starfire. The battle ship is knocked off course. Damage report ensign. Emergency crews are putting out the fire in engineering, casualty reports are coming in from all over the ship, laser pulse cannon three is offline, and long-range scanners are down.

A nuclear war head is detonated six kilometers in front of Captain Refean’s ship rocking the ship. Ensign damage report. Forward shields down to thirty percent, there are short circuits in systems through-out the ship, plasma cannons one and three are down, and casualty reports are coming in.

The second nuclear missile makes a direct hit on the second battle ship. Lieutenant report, hull breaches on decks one, and two, three forward plasma cannons are down, fires are reported all over the ship, casualty reports are coming in, and shields are down to twenty percent.

A singularity opens, and the empire space ship Caro emerges. Ensign Dugal concentrate fire on the damaged enemy ship. Launch two nuclear missiles at that ship. Missels away mam. Two nuclear missiles make a direct hit on the enemy ship causing the engines to detonate in a massive explosion.

Lieutenant Hurugu one enemy ship is destroyed. Ensign Proa launch three nuclear missiles at the remaining enemy vessel. Aye Mam missiles away. Three more missiles inbound mam. Ensign Kio fire all plasma cannons. Ensign Proa open a singularity. Aye mam. Plasma cannons detonated two of the missile’s captains. The starship is thrown off course, when the last nuke makes a direct hit in the forward shields. Ensign damage report. Forward shields down, hull breach on deck one, and theirs a fire in the forward compartments. Singularity is open captain. Take us in ensign.

Space station Kris to Captain Shaniza the ship repair facilities are ready to receive the Starfire for repairs. We are on our way we will arrive in thirty minutes. Space station Kris the Caro will stay on patrol in this solar system. Let’s go have a look at that ships wreckage and see if we can determine who launched this attack.

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