POF : Has anyone else seen this person?

POF : Has anyone else seen this person?

Has anyone else seen this person?

By. CharlieTheBrave

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  1. This is a prostitute. The « New to ____ » is like a secret phrase for people in the know. The « If you’re interested » part also implies prostitution.

    This is sadly pretty popular in my city, and girls like this appear ever few weeks on the dating apps. (Oddly enough, in my area there’s also a lot of black trans-girls that do this and travel the Southeast area.)

    My understanding from once talking to one of these girls is they move from city to city like a circuit. It allows them to build up clients, and also leave before police can catch on. Sometimes they’re working for themselves, but more often it’s a group of them being pimped out. They stay in a shitty hotel for a week or so, blast all the dating apps with their pictures, and then on to the next town.

    Sometimes the pictures are fake, and not even what the actual girls look like – especially when it’s a group of them traveling around being pimped out. The pimp will use the same pictures from the better looking (or better selling) girls, even if they’re not longer in the business. The idea is, by the time you make the deal and show up to the hotel, the pimp is hoping you’ll just shrug it off and fuck whoever is there, even if it’s not the girl in the pictures. They figure if you’re desperate enough to pay for it, you probably don’t care what they look like.

    There’s also been a few cases where it’s a set up to get you robbed. A criminal will use pictures like this to lure people to meet up, then you’re robbed at gun point. They’re banking you won’t go to the police because you’d have to admit you were going there to meet a hooker (illegal.)

    TL/DR: It’s a prostitute and/or a scam.

  2. I’ve used tinder and POF, and I keep seeing this person saying they are “New to ______” and giving some phone number out. Is this person legit?

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