POF : Headlines that read “Are there any REAL men on here?”

POF : Headlines that read “Are there any REAL men on here?”

This one kills me. Or variations of it. “Where are all the real men?” “No real men”. Yikes!

Nice way to introduce yourself to the dating world. To me, shows a complete lack of …. almost everything I value.

By. TitleJones

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  1. « not looking for drama » = 9/10 times they are the drama

    « no hookups » = I hookup but will blame it on you later

    « fluent in sarcasm » = bitch

    « my kids come first! » = bad mom who probably have a social services case file 2 feet deep

    « profession: stay at home mom » = welfare mom

    « I work hard and am super busy » = prob on a break with a guy and is fielding her options

  2. Not only those but have to add in the blanks aswell that kill it for me, although I’m pretty sure it does everyone else aswell.

    « … »

    « xxx »

    « ??? »

    « Message me for more » You haven’t told us anything in the first place.

  3. Or the classic.. « deleting this soon » said by girl with 5 year old profile.
    I have always wondered what do all the hot women in my are do on it for such long time.. They always seem to be online and for years..

  4. Instant red flag, same as a bunch of question marks after each statement and all the other crap, like nothing but several dots on a profile, …???

    No, just no, no more Just ask~??, no more passive, aggressive bullcrap lol 🙁

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