Tinder : Instagram dming after seing their tag in their tinder bio

Tinder : Instagram dming after seing their tag in their tinder bio

So i kinda noticed a new trend on tinder that the majority of the profiles i see have their Instagram tag mentioned (sometimes as their only bio). So my question to you my fellow redditors,do you find it creepy if someone dmed you after seeing your profile on tinder. Since Instagram is more personal and i always assumed that people who mention their Instagram just want followers. Any insight on the matter is appreciated


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  1. I have my IG up so matches can get an idea of my day to day life. Don’t give a shit about followers.

    I had one dude where we didn’t match on tinder but had a lot of the same interests so he hit me up on IG and are now close friends and he just married his tinder match last year.

    I’ve also had creepers message me on IG too. So if you actually feel a connection or share interests with her send a message if you’re just looking to bang wait till you match.

  2. I’d they have that IG or snapchat in their bio they either want attention/followers or are horny. Rarely is ever legitimate and they prefer it as comms.

    Don’t fucking worry if it’s creepy. If they didn’t want lude DMs they shouldn’t post their shit on tinder.

  3. I added one who seemed to be legit. chatted for less than an hour before she wanted me to travel 1600km to visit her. When I politely declined, she tried to get me to join her cam page.

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