POF : Hid my profile on POF this morning. It’s still viewable.

POF : Hid my profile on POF this morning. It’s still viewable.

Just a heads-up to all of you. About 8 hours after hiding my profile, it’s still viewable. I was able to view it under the username search option on 2 different browsers. Both browsers had the cache cleared, so that wasn’t the issue. Since I didn’t want to delete the profile, I deleted all of the photos, and everything with the exception of making the description just large enough to where POF would accept it.

By. MNCatamount

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  1. Yes it has always been like that. You can always find yourself when you do the username search which only works when you are not logged in. Anyone can find you by logging out and doing the username search.

  2. When you hide your profile, it just makes it so you no longer pop up on everyones matches, meet me, and that random strip of profiles on the bottom. They can still see you if you scope their profile, message them, or on their favorites list. If you want no one to see you, or a specific someone, you have to block them.

  3. That’s one of [most common concerns]( of POF users.

    You can hide your profile so that it does not appear in search results, either basic or advanced. However, according to POF Help Center, some activity of yours will still be visible to following users, such as who has contacted you after you have hidden your profile, who messaged you, and who is on your favorite list, along with who uses the Username Search to search your username.


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