Tinder : Some help maybe ?

Tinder : Some help maybe ?

Hey boys !
So this girl contacted me and said (translating) :
 » I’m on with everything you said in your description »

I was thinking on editing my bio to mess/play with her. Any clever ideas ?

Édit : not trying tout be a douch. Just want to make her laugh and try to score a date 🙂

By. Warkorentin

What do you think?


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  1. Uh, why don’t you just accept a good situation for what it is and roll with it? She likes what you sold yourself as on face value. That’s rad.

  2. How about « If we match, you automatically get a free pass of choosing where we’re having dinner ». That way you could then be like, « great so what did you choose » before she notices the bio change. Cute idea op

  3. Put the most offensive thing you can think of and then reply by saying it’s rare to see someone with such radical opinions. Although I admit that it probably will not work.

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