POF : how long should it take for someone to reply

POF : how long should it take for someone to reply

look im not one of those people who are unrelistic and expect people to talk to me 247 but if you message someone and they reply back and they start messaging back and forth than they go away how long should it be till they reply again or yo should give up? a day or two a week what? like i am not one of those unrelistic people but if someone is interested wouldnt they try to talk to you as often as they could sending like one sentence a week or something wont get you anywhere lol. and im tired of the people who claim to be so freakin busy if your that busy and dont have time to try and meet people why are you wasting your time and people on this site?

By. xRoseColoredBoyx

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  1. I totally get you and im annoyed people are down voting you. these « busy » people, they dont seem to get that their potential lovers or dates arent people on standby for them. probably why they are single now.


    I give a guy roughly 48 hours before i write them off, mid convo, i give them a week. i have fuckboys and emotionally unavailable guys that are more persistent. i just told off a guy today who ghosted me and came back like nothing happened. he insisted we talk on kik, and then barely texts and says hes barely on it. then why the fuck ask me to use an app you dont even fucking use?!?!? and then expect me to be lit up and happy when you text me, like omg hes back, he must love me or some shit. some dudes just fucking think women revolve around their dicks. anyways it sucks, it happens a lot. just be in the mindset that everything is temporary and dont feel involved unless its like date 2 or 3 depending on your success so far. hth

  2. Usually if you don’t get a reply with 48 hours to your initial message it isn’t going to happen. If you’re mid conversation never more than a day or so at the worst.

  3. Apply the 4’s with online dating. Everybody is on probation. People do have lives to live, after 4 days I’ll send a message of how they are doing, the next day if I get no reply I’ll disconnect from them.

    4 messages

    4 hours

    4 days

    4 phone calls

  4. Exactly what happens to me I try to have a conversation and it’s going good then hours or days later they disappear. And say they are busy well if your that busy you shouldn’t reply back to my initial message then if your just gonna disappear it happens every time.

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