POF : I didn’t realise people could be so damn deceiving

POF : I didn’t realise people could be so damn deceiving

So I matched with this guy on plenty of fish right, and the first time we talked we talked for 5 hours…until 4am.
The next day I found myself at the beach around the time he finished work, and he asked what I was upto. He ended up driving to the beach and we sat in my car listening to music for 2 hours and I haven’t laughed like that for a long time. We then went walking on the beach and on the rocks…making first contact with hand holding 😂
We then went back to our cars and we were saying goodbye as we noticed some children in a few cars away. So we crouched down in between our two cars, sitting on the ground opposite each other. We held hands and laughed more and smiled.
We then started to kiss, and I broke away saying no I need to go I have work at 6am, and then he would pull me back in. This happened a few times until I really had to leave. We then drove side by for a couple of km, him wolf whistling at me through the window. I then turned right as he continued straight and flew me kisses…until next time he said.
When I got home I asked if he got home safely to which he responded yesss bub and sent me a selfie. We then said goodnight with a few cute emojis and that was that.
I messaged him today at 3pm after work…he didn’t respond. So I had a nap and when I woke up and checked my messages he had blocked me. Just like that…blocked me?! I don’t understand. Why

By. missmess19

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POF : Umm. No. 😐

POF : Serious question: Why do they even message you to begin with if they aren’t interested? This guy was ‘lieing’ 🤣🤣