POF : How to tell if someone is a fake

POF : How to tell if someone is a fake

I’ll find these girls that we have a great conversation for a little bit and I tried to do a phone conversation but it just says “the text now subscriber is not available” also she seems interested but keeps saying yes to dates and then cancelling, is this fake or an I overreacting?

By. panderman7

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  1. fake female profiles have exploded in the last couple months. Generally if they have one picture it’s a tipoff especially If they’re model beautiful, and names that look like these
    or Stella_wa33333 etc. Also almost no information in the profile, and If the first message is Hi! with an exclamation point. It’s usually bullshit.

  2. This is how fake guys on pof work. I spoke to a few guys who clearly were fake. They didn’t send me any links but one wanted me to download KIK, and the rest pretended to be in the military. Their words did not match up with who they were in their pictures and not only that whenever I asked where they were from they would say Boston MA. I asked what their job title entails and they would just repeat their job title to me. I reported all of them to POF and one of them I told them I was gonna report them and they said well I will report you too. hahaha

  3. How to tell someone is fake… you can test to see if they’re a bot by asking about where they live. For example, what part of Manchester are they from? And then ask them about a landmark or bar or restaurant that only someone there would know about.

  4. I’ve been getting bombarded with the meet me feature today and also got message from a bot it’s bad I’m going to remove my profile

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