POF : I am done. Shitpost

POF : I am done. Shitpost

I’ve gotten shadowbanned without reason for the last time. Having done nothing wrong. Following all rules. Assuming good intention and giving it one last shot with the site.

I was a superuser. A legacy user from back before the sale to and everything became a Tinder-clone. I hate Markus for choosing money over his users…I’d happily have paid if I thought a small business establishment were getting it, and not Match’s barrel asses in NYC/SF/LA.

I despise the redesign…what was broken before is now more broken with more broken parts, and with more bots than an Asimov trilogy. The two factor authentication was weak, but fine… But when one could no longer use VPN, and the numbers for the two factor started to repeat, I knew someone was asleep at the switch.

I have reached out to people that work there in UX…pleasing with them to work with their users and help design a user-centered experience and have been met with silence.

So fuck’em. Vote with your wallet. Do yourselves a favor and make that site as popular as Alta Vista.

By. UXResearcherRuck

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