POF : I blocked her

POF : I blocked her

So I meet this girl on POF she’s 5’6 and about 220lbs an entire 40 lbs bigger than her prof. Pic. I get to know her past relationships I didn’t ask about and I learned that she’s insane. she went on and on about her grandparents knowing eachother for a year before getting married. then says her sons lives with his dad in CA. I didn’t care and she went on about how I seem nice mind you we met 20 minutes ago. after we sleep together she admits she’s married and that he hits her. I shrugged it off but politely sent her home. She came back by because I was horny and kept suggesting we start a relationship I told her no. she says she always rushes her relationships and they usually last long to which I reply then why are you here if the meant anything. She gets upset I sent her home and she texted me today saying she missed me. SO I blocked her psycho ass.

By. unforgiven_gordy

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