POF : Just dodged a crazy woman!

POF : Just dodged a crazy woman!

Hi All,


I usually don’t get a lot of crazy people on POF, but this one takes the cake. I get a message a few days ago from this person and she only has one picture and it’s really small. I asked her if she has any additional pictures and she replied that she wants to get to know me better and pictures aren’t everything. So I played her game and after a few days asked her again if she could send me any updates pictures.


This is when the crazy comes out. She starts off saying that all I want is a booty call and going back to looks aren’t everything. I mentioned to her there has to be a physical attraction there too. Then she says that what she put up there was her right (and it is) and next I’ll be asking her for her SSN. All I wanted was to actually see a picture of someone to save them and myself time. I just don’t understand some women about how afraid they are to show a picture of themselves. Good thing this came up right away…saved me from wasting a date.

By. jsmith1299

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  1. In this day and age, who would sign up for online dating with the expectation that anyone would go on a date without seeing a pic first? Now that said, some years ago on POF I connected with a no pic girl, asked her for pics, she sent pics, and then we met, and at that moment I realized the pics she sent were cherry picked, probably from 5 years ago, and were TOTALLY false advertising. It was an uncomfortable date to say the least. So pics can mean nothing, but her reaction tells it all.

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