POF : I Complained About Fake Accounts&Guess What Happened?

POF : I Complained About Fake Accounts&Guess What Happened?

They banned me, because I complained about all the fake accounts that messaged me my first 10 minutes on the app lmao


« bro, please fix your app already, it’s 2019 and I should NOT have to deal with dozens of messages from fake accounts within 10 minutes of my own account creation » – the message that got me banned


I spent 30 minutes on this app, I met ZERO real people, and got 30+ messages/matches from fake accounts then they banned me… GG, Plenty of Fish, GG


Ladies: this is why you can’t find anyone on this app, try Tinder (not so good anymore) or Bumble (the best dating app I’ve ever used, next to none, women message first!!)

By. brocksamson6258

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  1. When I complained about fake accounts, the bots magically « stopped » for about a week. Pretty sure POF creates the bots themselves to inflate user numbers.

    I agree: POF is a waste of time. I switched to Tinder (great for my area) and never looked back.

  2. How did you complain how can I complain I need to complain! My profile keeps getting deleted (I think) all I want to do is continue talking to the pretty girl I met on there

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