Tinder : Am I doing this right?

Tinder : Am I doing this right?

Am I doing this right?

By. Donut_on_a_stick

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  1. Yo, Sarah is crazy cute. Whoever didn’t come with the correct free karma reaping pickup line, that sucks. That’s a date worth having for sure.

  2. do you have something related to r/tinder on your bio? if that’s the case that’s kinda lame lol since it takes the fun out of getting some actual reactions. if not ignore this haha

  3. Don’t even respond. If he can’t come up with something better, the. He’s not worth the time. Unless he’s insanely hot. Then maybe points for not using Whassup!

  4. You’re a woman on Tinder, other then not looking for some form of sex or sex and relationships, and responding with one word answers, you really can’t do it wrong.


    Bravo nonetheless

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