POF : I do not like this app Sam I am.

POF : I do not like this app Sam I am.

So I signed up for POF sometime last week and I really don’t like it. I’ve been on Okcupid the past few months and I find the services there a lot better.

The search just tells you who is online without giving you glance at where there locations are. You have to click on their profiles sometimes just to see where your match is located. On one occasion I got matched with someone from Florida. I live in Canada so wtf POF.

I am also noticing a common trend on a lot of the profiles where in their bio they just say « ask me ». Maybe this isn’t something I am used to but I find that kind of lazy.

I have a lot more hangups with the site but I am just venting about the issues above for now.

By. Remm1ngton

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  1. There are ways to limit your search, but POF matches don’t seem to care about locations. I have found this to be true of other OLDs too. I’ve noticed that scammers/catfishers are rampant right now. I can spot them fairly easily; 1)usually out of town, though the profile may list a nearby location. 2) Also a lot of engineers that never finished college. 3) And so many widowers with a very similar back story (even at my age, 53, there are an extraordinary amount of widowers).

  2. I’m sorry that you’ve been disappointed. I’m noticed similar things. It’s not POF fault is someone doesn’t bother to create a good profile and they only write ask me. I suppose as a female the app is in my favor. Over the weekend I meet the guy I had been talking with for about 2 months. I was not disappointed. But he represented himself well on the app and his profile was pretty good. He does live about 2 hours away. I hope you find someone dreamy too.

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