POF : “I don’t have the Meet Me feature?!?”

POF : “I don’t have the Meet Me feature?!?”

I see women write in their profile, “I don’t have the Meet Me feature” which I find baffling. Does POF not give the feature to everyone? I know POF is a horrible dating site, but this makes no sense.

By. notbobjones

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  1. I think what they mean by that is that they dont have a paid account and can’t see when a guy clicks yes, unless its a mutual match.

  2. Everyone has the meet me feature and it tells you who likes you when you have the app. It sends a notification of the persons username. If you log out on the website you can do a username search of the profile that liked you since app won’t let you click on username. It’s a way around the paid portion of the site

  3. Almost every man writes the same thing. These are the same sorts of people who can’t figure out how to « turn » their photos and who have the « legal disclaimer » about use of photos on the bottoms of their profiles. Bless their hearts.

  4. It means they’re not paid members.

    I’d just as soon have them « like » me in Meet Me and vice-versa. If you want to meet them, you’ll show up in the top of their list the next time they go on. If they say yes too, you get a mutual match and you’re off to the races.

    So, if it’s not a mutual match, they aren’t really looking, or they saw your profile and weren’t interested.

    Now, it also means that they don’t know who liked them… So if you see someone you REALLY like, you have to message them. Just be warned that your response rate from these cold calls is going to be 5%-10% – Critical hit territory.

  5. They have the feature, they just can’t see who wants to meet them. Being able to see who wants to meet you is an upgraded member perk.

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