POF : I emailed 100 girls and asked them to participate in research

POF : I emailed 100 girls and asked them to participate in research

I introduced myself and asked them two questions. A. How often do you respond to guys on here? and B. Is there something specific you look for when replying to a guy? I started this on Thursday but I doubt one day will change much lol. I received a total of 17 responses. 5 of those responses were bots. 3 blocked me right away. now I know I am not the most attractive guy, but in the past some girls on pof have even said I am way better looking than some guys on there. No idea if that is true or not lol. Out of those 12 that initially replied, 3 said they are only on here when they are bored and not looking for anything. 4 stated they are extremely picky and will only reply if they have something in common.

By. joestarrunner

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  1. I’m not putting this out there in empathy for my fellow man, nor to bash women, but I would be interested in seeing the results of the same test conducted by a female. Just really curious.

  2. I think woman are just too picky when it comes to meeting guys… and guys are just too picky when it comes to woman.. so when both genders try to meet someone it’s like you are avoiding people you don’t like while you are on her avoid list doing the same thing so it’s an endless loop.

    Fact that we all hate flaws in people, some we don’t want to admit but unless we all as humans stop being picky for once maybe, just maybe bot clustered sites like pof wouldn’t exist.

  3. Okcupid releases a lot of their data. It pretty much confirms much of this. Women swipe right less and respond less. The reasons are varied. Many dating sites exacerbate the problem…

  4. When all I get is « Hi » from blank profiles with one vague photo or responses from people that clearly don’t meet the requirements of my profile (single, employed, nonsmoker, childless – requirements I also meet) and decides to message me anyway why would I bother?

  5. They are just arseholes man, the ones that don’t appear to be are usually broken in some way, the site is full of crazy people.

  6. And you feel entitled to a response to « research questions » from people OLD?

    Honestly I would block you. As I do when I get a message from any « researcher ».

    Also, as far as ‘research’ goes, your design is flawed on so many levels nothing can be generalised from it.

  7. >they are extremely picky and will only reply if they have something in common.

    Out of curiosity, is this *you* calling *them* « extremely picky », or are you saying they self-identified as such…?

    Either way, I don’t see how it’s « extremely picky » to want to have something in common with your significant other.

    …If you’re only looking for a one night stand, obviously your standards will be different in that case.

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