POF : Why is there SO many spam accounts?

POF : Why is there SO many spam accounts?

Probably not the first one to say this:
Why is there SO many spam accounts? I keep on seeing the same user, I chick in her panties, taking a selfie. Same pictures, different name, and description different sometimes. Then I get spammed to message them at kik, text, or just plainly have a link to an « adult » dating site.

Who knows if those « adult » dating sites are legit. Most of those sites take you where they ask you questions on what you are looking for, then when you make account, then 5 minutes you get spammed with messages, and the only way to see it is pay money. Never tired it, and I don’t want to.

By. Wildude94

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  1. PoF needs to get this under control, I deleted because of this very reason. I just reactivated today but if it still persists I’ll have to uninstall again.

  2. me too i am half way till giving up most but not all the people ask to go on a text then say need ID then i say no money and no in the most polite way possible then it happiness again and again

  3. its scam its a honey pot they want your curiosity to sit in and make you pay to see messages avoid em!! you can get giirls on twitter, facebook or instagram for free

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