POF : I found the bots’ weakness

POF : I found the bots’ weakness

It seems that the one multiple choice option that bots will never use is Big and Tall/BBW. I have found that restricting search results to only that body type removes 100% of the bots.

I’m not saying this to the guys, because I don’t need more competition. I’m saying this to the ladies, set your body type to that even if you don’t actually fit it because that removes the robots from your competition.

This has been a public service announcement.

By. HolidayWhile

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  1. Bots always choose « Caucasian » with « black » hair, regardless of what ethnicity the scantily clad supermodel(s) is/are in the photo. Because those two traits are first in their respective category. (Yes, I deliberately said « photo » because bots only use one photo)

    Along with the others like « prefer not to say » for body type, and « high school » for education, etc.

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