Dating : He Taught Us Now Our Turn In Hindi

h2>Dating : He Taught Us Now Our Turn In Hindi

He Taught Us Now Our Turn In Hindi

Arthpoorn rishte vahi hain, jo jindgi bhar ek — doosre ka haath pakadkrr chalen. bachchon va maan — baap ka rishta bhi aisa hi hona chaahiye. ek doosre se seekhate — sikhaate aage badhana chaahiye .

Rishton ki khoobsoorti isi mein hai ki ek — doosre ko behtareen raaste prr aage badhaaya jaaye. bachchon ko maa — baap janm se bade hone tkk kuchh — na kuchh sikhaate rahte hain. unke janmdaata ke saath ve unke pahle shikshak bhi hote hain. ek din unki ungli pakadkrr chalne vaale bachche daudne lagte hain. aur maata aadhunikta va takneek ki tej daud mein peechhe chhootne lagte hain .

Nayii peedhi aur puraani peedhi donon ek — doosre ke saath ke bina adhoori hain. ab nayii peedhi ko puraani peedhi ka haath pakadne ki jaroorat hai, taaki vah naye jamaane ke saath kadam milaakar chal sake. aaj hamen unki ungli thaam unhen aage badhaane ki jaroorat hai, jinhonne hamaari ungli thaam krr hamen chalna sikhaaya .

Bhala Kyon Reh Jaayen Ve Peechhe ?
 Ravindr ki maa seedhi — saadi theen. usne ek din thaan liya ki vah unhen smart bnayega. ab roj uske school ke baad shuroo hoti maa ki claas. dheere — dheere ve sbb kuchh seekh gayiii theen. pahle ATM se paise tk nikaalne mein katraatI theen, ab online shopping krne lagii theen. Facebook prr puraani saheliyon ko dhoondh liya tha. ek din unhonne lajeej haidraabaadi biryaani bnayii. ravindr ke pita ne aashchary se poochha — yah kaise bnayii? maa ne bataaya — Youtube se seekhi hai. tbb ravindr ne pita ko sb bataaya pita ne kaha — tum sb kuchh seekh gayiii. maa boleen- abhi car chalaana seekhana hai. sikhayenge ? paapa ne khushi — khushi haamiii bhariii. ravindr bahut khush tha. uski maa ab kisi se peechhe nahin theen .

Koi Umr Nahin Seekhane Ki
 Badalte waqt ke saath nahin badalenge, to jindagii ruk — si jayegi. hamaare jamaane mein yah hota tha ki raat chhod naye jamaane ke hisaab se dhalna hoga. tabhi puraani peedhi bhi hrr cheej ka lutff utha paayegi aur nayii peedhi se hamesha judii rahegi. abhi bhi aapki bahut — si khvaahishon ki expiry date nahin nikli hai. kyon na jindagi ki expiry date nikalne se pahle unhen poora krr liya jaaye .

Iski jimmedaari nayiii peedhi ko leni hogi. maa ko scuty, car chalaana sikha krr aatmanirbhar banaayen. pita ko nayi taknikein sikha krr unke liye cheejen aasaan karen. shauk poore krne ko protsaahit karen. unki galatiyon prr dhairya banaaye rakhen. aap bhi chhote the, to galtii krte the. unhen bhi galatiyaan krke seekhane den. unhonne hamaare liye itna kuchh kiya, ab hamaariii baariii haiii .

He Taught Us Now Our Turn In English

Meaningful relationships are the same, which should hold hands and hands throughout life. The relationship between children and parents should be the same. Learning from each other — Teaching should move forward.

The beauty of relationships is in this, that each other should be carried forward on the best path. Children do not teach anything — until parents grow up from birth. She is also her first teacher along with her father. One day, the children who walk with their finger start running. And the mother starts retreating in the quick race of modernity and technology.

The new generation and the old generation are incomplete without each other. Now the new generation needs to catch the hand of the older generation, so that they can move together with the new age. Today, we need to push them with their finger, who taught us to walk and walk with our fingers.

Why should they stay behind?
 Ravindra’s mother was straightforward. One day he decided that he would make them smart Now her school starts after her mother’s class every day They gradually learned everything. Earlier, I was shy to extract money from ATMs, now started shopping online. Finding old friends on Facebook One day he made cheesy Hyderabadi Biryani. Ravindra’s father asked surprise — ‘How did he create it? ‘Mother said — YouTube has learned from. Then Ravindra told father everything that the father said — ‘you have learned everything. ‘I have to learn to drive a car.’ Teach you ‘Papa is happily happy. Ravindra was very happy. His mother was no longer behind anyone.

No age to learn
 Will not change with changing times, then life will stop. ‘It was in our time’ and would have to be left behind in the new age. Only the old generation will be able to enjoy everything and will always stay connected to the new generation. Still, you do not have enough expiry dates for your wishes. Why not take life before completing the expiry date before they are completed?

It will take responsibility for the new generation. Teach the mother to run a scooter, a car, and make self-reliant. By teaching new techniques to father, make things easier for them. Encourage hobbies. Be patient on their mistakes. If you were too young, you used to make mistakes. Let them learn by making mistakes too. They did so much for us, now our turn.

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