POF : I got a date pretty quickly

POF : I got a date pretty quickly

I hear stories of guys being on POF for a year without a date, some without any replies at all, perhaps your coming on to strong, boring or something because iv’e only been on POF for 4 days and already have a date set for the weekend and a few women contacting me first.

Im no Brad Pitt by a long shot, not rich or anything just honest in my profile and being myself in messages not worrying if I come across as goofy or stupid, just typing what ever popped into my head in the moment.

By. PieFace2

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  1. If you need any tips, in your own words let them know your time is limited, be confident and set a date for 2 or 3 days in advance for an activity you like to do but also be open to their suggestions like your interested but dating is not the main focus in your life, you have other things going on.

    Don’t give any compliments, it’s boring to them because 99% of guys do that and come across as needy and she is the main goal in their life, women like a challenge and something to work for.

  2. Maybe it depends where you live, if I go on there during the week I never have any trouble setting up a few dates for that weekend, but you get tonnes of boys on here complaining that it’s all escorts or fake accounts for them.

  3. Congratulations, that’s great to hear.

    Here’s is the challenge…

    Keeping them, they’ll come into your life and leave just as fast with no explanation.
    I’ve lost count how many I’ve met and the next day get nothing.

  4. I have had the most success on pof and I have been off and on it since 09 it was way better from 09-16 than it is now though.

    Congrats on the date and I hope it works out well

  5. Location location location.

    I have to travel for work so I pretty much split my time evenly between two cities. I am a good looking guy and do well in life.

    Both cities are pretty equal in size but the slightly smaller one I get maybe 5-10% response rate.

    The slightly larger city I would say I get about 75% response rate.

    Exactly the same profile but I just update my location when I go away for a few weeks.

    For whatever reason it seems there is just a massive difference in male:female ratio in the smaller city that I don’t think is there in the other city. I mean the experience could not be more night and day for me 100% based on what location I am messaging women in. Literally everything else ceteris paribus.

  6. It is funny to me that in any online dating forum there are always guys that post « hey what is the problem, I got a date really easy » .

    The main variables are what age group you are in, where you live, how good your picture is, how tall you are and how out of shape you are.

    I am 44, re-joined up 3 days ago and have a date this weekend and next with two women. My profile says basically nothing. It is because I am in shape and decent looking and have been doing this for 20 years.

    When I was 36 though I would have got 15 numbers by now. The way I was taking women from 44yos at 36 is what decent looking 36yos are doing to me now. I am also limited by the fact 50-70% of the women have also been on there a decade and we have already gone out or talked.

    For guys, online dating is basically for decent looking guys to have all the fun. If you are out of shape, really short or not that good looking you better be a lawyer or surgeon.

    Not to mention I am sure there are many guys like me that have been doing this for 10-20 years who are super good at holding the conversation in this format from so much practice.

    So if you couple the physical attributes with someone new not knowing how to hold the conversation as well as the good looking veteran guys , the new less good looking guys have absolutely no shot and are going to make up a huge portion of the user base on a forum like this to vent.

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