POF : I have a female roommate.

POF : I have a female roommate.

What is the issue? Discuss. Lol.

By. kurtn0tk1rk

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  1. I also have a female roommate. Her friend flirted with me aggressively but by the time I tried to make a move, her friend was already seeing some one. My roommate isn’t exactly up to my standards looks wise but I once got so lonely I sort of flirted with her but nothing came out of that.

    Fast forward several months later, I’m now seeing a woman I met on POF. She comes over once and a while. The fact that I have a female roommate doesnt seem to bother her. We had sex very loudly in my room the other day and I’m pretty sure my roommate heard it. Things are kind of weird now.

  2. Back in the olden days when I was young enough to have roommates I had male roommates and dated men with female roommates. It was never an issue for me or the men I dated.

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