POF : I have to know!! Is it just me?

POF : I have to know!! Is it just me?

Doesn’t anyone find it odd when a guy asks questions like are you affectionate or do you like to cuddle? I mean I just don’t get it. Why are those two questions so important? I find it creepy when someone asks them.

By. Ravingmad33

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  1. Yes, even tho I specifically say on my profile, « not here for hook ups » they want to know how physical I’ll get if we meet. But then again, none of them read profiles.

  2. Creepy for sure on guys like this, thankfully it’s not all of them!

    They’re just wanting to see how fast you’ll get sexual to see if you’re after the same thing. I wish they just came out and said it instead of alluding to it. They’d save everyone a lot of time and mental energy.

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