POF : I just want to go to sleep, this is ridiculous

POF : I just want to go to sleep, this is ridiculous

Ive used the app before, about 2 years ago. Im well aware that there’s issues with fake profiles and the like but this is beyond ridiculous. I redownloaded the app around 5pm and in 12 hours (5:42 am next day as of writing this) I have recieved 5 messages from fake profiles and 40+ notifications that « someone wants to meet you » but if i want to talk to any of these « someones » I would have to pay to upgrade my account. Mind you, when i made my account, i was invited to go out with some friends and just put something short as a placeholder. Just a small « sorry i made this on impulse and ill fill it out more later, blah blah blah, if you stumble upon this say hi im sure we’ll get along for a few messages. Even as im writing this, i have recieved 6 more notifications. I have work in 3 hours and have gotten little sleep now and just… fuck man. Why the hell is this what online dating is like now? I just wanted to try to sate that lonely feeling in my chest and now i cant even fall back asleep.


Update: i know the notificarions can be turned off, the issue was the bots and their swarm like behavior. Ive uninstalled the app since then. Thank for the help though guys/gals!

By. Don_Dealio

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  1. When you click on the people’s pic on the meet me section you can see their profile. Most of the people who are on the meet me have checked you as a meet me too. Just in case you didn’t know that. I just found that out myself .

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