POF : Racist on pof ? Is she racist guys ?

POF : Racist on pof ? Is she racist guys ?

Racist on pof ? Is she racist guys ?

By. unknown-2525

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  1. Since your first message was « What’s up sweetie » I think that gives her the right to respond with any insult she wants.

    Don’t call women « sweetie » « baby » or other pet names in your first message. It’s cringe.

  2. not racist in my eyes. looking like a burnt cookie definitely not in the same league as saying « you’re black, hell no » or « you’re a mexican hell no ». She probably found you repulsive physically, and you wre probably dark skinned. the fact you calling strangers sweety is a much much bigger red flag most of us wouldl like to address more than how racist you find the words « burn cookie »

  3. yeah she is. i dont like white women or even bother to email them.. all of them are racist and fake SJWs . most of them are fake just like white men. SJWs some fake-ass white people they talked that diversity (for political correctness reasons) crap but won’t date you or call you racist crap like this. all they do is pander to blacks and other minorities. white women are just as racist as the white men they are just more slick with it.

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