POF : I need a serious woman

POF : I need a serious woman

I truly want to treat my soul mate like the best queen in this world and make her the happiest woman. My mission in life is for us to be happy together,

By. Anthonyjohn822

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  1. When your able to find someone, hook me up with her friend lol. Only good way to really meet someone is going out and introducing yourself to every girl u see.9 times outta 10 they will turn u down, but its soo much more effective than using PoF imo… but I do wish you luck in your search man

  2. Practice telling real woman in real places what you think of them.

    Nice smile, say it! Nice blouse, say it! Nice voice, say it!

    Don’t expected anything in return just say it!

    You will start to get responses.

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