POF : In search of perspective

POF : In search of perspective

I’d like honest feedback if I’m being too sensitive. I’m a 53F and had a third date Sunday night that ended up becoming somewhat intimate but not sex. We both agreed we’d like to see more of each other. I couldn’t help myself so I checked POF and he was online after I left. I don’t have a problem with him continuing to look .. I am too BUT right after I leave his home and we seriously made out? Thoughts?

By. GenevieveInApril

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  1. I’m not 100% sure how accurate that online indicator is. I feel like it’s been questionable on a few occasions for me. I used to work overnight shifts and it seemed like there were way more online indicators at four in the morning then there should have been. It made me skeptical at the very least.

  2. People are giving you waaaay too highly detailed answers here. The thought is « Calm Down ». It ought to be pretty obvious you can appear online 24/7/365.

    Don’t leave this kind of thing up to interpretation either. If it’s something you’d feel silly for asking -him- then you may reconsider worrying about it at all.

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