POF : I sent a message to pof staff.

POF : I sent a message to pof staff.

I have several questions that I would appreciate an answer to.


I signed up for your website over a year ago. First thing I noticed is all the active accounts that haven’t been logged into for years at a time. Why are those accounts still up? Why not charge people for not staying active?


This really really bugged me because as a guy I wanted to find a girl that I had something in common with. Yet because of where I live all I could find were inactive profiles. I managed to find maybe 10 girls out of hundreds who were still active. And 9 of them never responded back.


I honestly feel that this place is bs and any chance I get I tell other guys to stay as far away as possible.


Another question I have is why, oh why, do I get bombarded with prostitute accounts every time I login? The only girls that ever take notice in me are always always always prostitutes.


And I have been seeing more and more nude photos that should be banned but are not. Why isn’t pof policing their site better?

By. marioshroomed

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  1. I am a female in Houston a large city and have not noticed this. I do see a lot of men posting in their profiles that they will not pay for sex. So they must get a lot of prostitute offers.

  2. You do realize that POF is a free service meaning you can message people without paying right. No offense but I don’t understand why anyone would pay for POF when its FREE. The only thing a paying member gets you is the fact that you show up first in the meet me feature. More people get to see you when you pay. You can see if someone has read the messages you sent them. You can tell when the last time someone looked at your profile. You can also set up your messages so that only upgraded users can message you. Now I am not sure where you come from but girls get Bots too. I have gotten one before. Also when you look at someone elses profile the whole extended profile thing is crap because they say that to get you to pay. Only other thing you can do with a paid membership is add more photos than a non paying one.

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