POF : I shouldn’t date anyone

POF : I shouldn’t date anyone

I asked a profile if they were real or fake because there to many fake profiles on here now and she said you should never date anyone lol

By. xRoseColoredBoyx

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  1. Lol you can’t take this stuff too seriously. You have every right to question every profile because a vast majority are fake. Please don’t allow a little slap to make you not want to date. That person is not someone you want if they’re real anyway because everyone needs to not trust right off the bat. Trust is earned. Stay the course my’re person is out there.

  2. plus with guys asking women to sit on their face… what kind of position they like… wanting to meet before even conversing…. asking how they feel about some d-pix….

    asking if you were a bot, is some how rude? i see it as someone genuinely putting a hand out….

  3. I get tempted to do this too, but I figure it’s better in the long run to message as though any profile is real, and just not worry about it when the almost inevitable « text me bb » reply comes lol. It really isn’t a huge investment of time on my part

  4. i don’t see any problem with asking if the profile was real. I also don’t see it as rude at all what so ever. In a world of internet anonymity, asking such things is only natural. While there is no guarantee the one who replied is even female, you can at least be sure they wren’t a bot due to a human-like reply.

    however someone who replies that harshly to such a simple inquire is filled with soooooo much bitterness, i’d say you’re lucky and dodged a bullet with that initial contact

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