Dating : What Does It Mean To Attract Better Things Into My Life?

h2>Dating : What Does It Mean To Attract Better Things Into My Life?

Gabriella DiDio @ Let Yourself Shine

This question has always puzzled me.

I just could never quite grasp the law of attraction. And I feel that it needs a new name because it seems so religious that I can’t connect to it, really.

A few months ago after I just learned that Brett was not interested the way I was. And that he did not like me the way I liked him. I was crushed. The woman told me a story to reveal some insight that I should extract from it…..

Naturally I was only half-listening because I was too distracted by my feelings of despair at the loss of Brett.

The story began when she attended a wedding in China, her friend was getting married. I gauged this was not a super regular occurance for her, so don’t tune me out already.

The dress code for the wedding was black, and she was wearing a red dress! So she stuck out like a sore thumb.

I felt that I had essentially heard a story like this before….but I kept listening.

Back at the wedding she already decided she was having a bad time before it began! But instead she made up a fake name, saying she was Brenda Starr working for the Toronto Starr. And that exchange made her laugh! She laugh and because of that expression she raised her vibration and shifted out of a negative state of mind.

Then, she said, “Two people zoomed up to me and asked me how I was doing, and I had a great time!”

I know what you’re thinking. How does this relate to me (you) or even me (me!).

I have tried countless times to shift my energy to no avail. Actually if I was in a situation like that…the situation would probably just stay the same after I giggled!

But the truth that I found is that I can shift my energy and physically feel sensations of attraction.

It’s happening now for me, because I’m ready. Everyone is ready at certain times.

And to determine the state of readiness are two things:

  1. How much mental, physical, emotional and spiritual work you’ve been doing
  2. Where you are on the path in relation to your life purpose

When you have become more self-aware, opened up spiritually, released some major traumas and sense more, and meditate then you will notice the sacredness of life. How everything is a well-orchestrated dance. Everyone is playing their part!

The physical sensation of energy is buzzy. It is what attracts people to want to act differently toward you. They react to the feeling that you put out. Because it affects them positively.

You might notice that every day no one sits near you at a local coffee shop. Yet, when you shift into feeling this divine energy and connectedness from a higher level of consciousness…and Angels……

That’s when people suddenly want to sit next to you.

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