POF : I think I’m undesirable.

POF : I think I’m undesirable.

I’m rather smart on computers. But I’m disabled. I have schizophrenia and everyone tells me I can’t ever work. I’m fat. Morbidly obese. I’m working on losing weight though. Usually if a woman will give me a chance and talk to me it’s a no go after she learns I’m disabled. I’ve met a few who were also disabled but they just took advantage of me. For the last 9 years I’ve been single I’ve had at least 2 one night stands a year and that’s about it. I’m wanting a relationship but I can’t find more than a one night stand when I go looking.

[There’s me.](

Here lately all I get are messages from bots and no real girls reply.

By. theonerm2

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  1. if youre morbidly obese and male online, quit now. go lose weight then come back and try again, you arent getting shit if youre morbidly obese except maybe the rare once in a while super fat ugly girl.

  2. While I don’t particularly agree with some of the comments left here, there is a valid point to be made. Losing weight will boost your confidence. You’re not ugly in the face – a big guy? Yes. But that can be changed. And I know it’s hard but honestly, don’t focus so much on dating when YOU should be your primary focus. Work on bettering you – the rest will follow. ♥️

  3. Sorry to break this to you Pal, but it’s not you. Even if you looked like Tom Cruise, you’d have the same problems on those dating sites. Most of those people on those dating sites have a low self-esteem – They hate themselves with a passion.

    Don’t let those bitches define who you are. I’m not just blowing smoke. My Dad was disabled at the age of 21, and was in a wheelchair until he passed away at the age of 74, so I know what I’m talking about. He and my mother were married 56 years when he passed. She didn’t think he was an outcast.

    You’re not either.

  4. Honestly if any one of us put ourselves in the public for scrutiny we would be crucified. There is not one actor that everyone likes now is there?

    I was not morbidly overweight but a few months ago I joined the gym after a hard breakup and it not only is getting me to looking great, it boosts my confidence alot!

    One big life lesson is learning what you will store in your computer (brain) and aligning yourself with like minded people.

    Do you really think the people leaving heartless, cruel remarks have ANY self-esteem? Of course they don’t! So why listen to them?

    Like me you decided to lose some weight so find others that help you achieve that goal and tell the low self esteem trolls that you’ll pray for them!

    Btw, you are a good looking guy.

  5. Unfortunately you will find women that are okay with how you look and not okay. You choose who you want to be and go from there, ask yourself if you would date someone that was different from you? Change what you can, shave, get a haircut and maybe a better taken picture of you, if you notice some women actually put a effort in their pictures, not just the « oh I’m in the bathroom picture » there are mirrors everywhere not sure why they choose bathrooms.

    Good luck with your search, just be positive and feel them out by asking about being disable, some don’t mind.

    As for being a big guy, I’m one and have had several bites from pof, some I was into and some I wasn’t into.

  6. You’re not even close to being hot enough to garner female attention. Sorry. Just quit while you’re (relatively not so far) behind.

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