POF : Why do some people have a photo that is not of themselves?

POF : Why do some people have a photo that is not of themselves?

I have my profile set up in a way where, guys can’t message me first without a photo. Well I got a message from a guy today and he had a photo of a sky with clouds. Whenever I get messages from guys who do that, I look at their profile to see if they have other photos and if they don’t then I don’t respond. I was catfished once and I am not about to let it happen again. I also had a guy who looked nothing like his photos when I got all the way to the date.


What is the point of joining a dating site if you can’t post a photo of yourself?

By. rsoxgal36

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  1. You can ignore them, or I think you can even report them for not having a photo of their face, as per the website’s rules.

    I guess you just have to accept that on a free website like this, you’re going to get people like that contacting you. I see women’s profiles with pictures of glasses of wine, fairies and facebook memes, as well as obvious fake profiles asking for emails, offering nudes, etc.

  2. There’s probably about 5 women on pof per city that are halfway decent and respond to messages, actually use the website and talk to people who take the time to read profiles and message her, soxgal is one of them.

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