POF : I tried to start some playful banter with this guy but maybe I was too harsh?

POF : I tried to start some playful banter with this guy but maybe I was too harsh?

I tried to start some playful banter with this guy but maybe I was too harsh?

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  1. Dad jokes, by definition, aren’t supposed to be good in a traditional sense. So, yeah, I think that was harsh for the online world. If you knew him or were in person, you could pull it off as flirty. But sarcasm like that is hard to pull off when just getting to know someone. You live you learn though. Are you new to online dating? I feel like it happens a lot when people are still learning through trial-and-error how their online personality comes off.

  2. Some people you have to walk on eggshells around, it’s good that they weed themselves out. I once had a conversation with a woman where she mentioned that she doesn’t drink alcohol when I offered to meet at a bar or coffee shop. I later asked her if her not drinking was just a bar thing or does it include all alcohol because there was a winery not far from me and I thought it could be a potential place to go to as a date. She responded by saying something along the lines of..

    « you keep bringing something up that is very sore subject to me, and I don’t feel like this would work out for us. »

    I mentioned alcohol twice and that was too much for her.

  3. It sounded like you responded too harshly to his response. I would have just agreed with him that the joke wasn’t very good. Because it’s not. It almost sounds like it originally was written as a somewhat racist joke, poking fun at Asians(probably Chinese), but changed to Frenchman due to our cultural sensitivities.

    As long as the guy isn’t saying inappropriate things or being mysogenistic, stay positive. He wasn’t criticizing you, he was criticizing the joke. Maybe, respond with, « You’re right. It isn’t very good. Fyi, my joke telling skills are the worst thing about me. I’m very good in all other areas. 😉 »

  4. Your best to stay away from the snowflake. He probably retreated to his safe space after that.
    What is wrong with people now, no one can take a joke reply to a crap joke.

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